To Really Banish A Habit

White candle for purity, black to banish, green for health.

Cast your circle, if that is your practice, any musics that help you get to a meditative state. Basically do what you do at the beginning of any magical working, this routine helps you to come to the state you need to be in. I assume you know how to cast your circle if that is what you do…

The waning moon (when it is getting smaller) is a good time to be rid of things. The waxing moon is a good time to bring things to your self.

You do not have to wait for a specific moon phase. Because what you want is to be rid of a habit, and to bring strength or peace to yourself. Word things accordingly… If you want you can use the entire moon phase, towards one aspect of the spell and another for a 2nd aspect of it.

To banish a habit, you need to understand things about yourself and about the habit.

Each habit gives us a perceived benefit. Usually our perception is off… “I do it because of stress, i dont even realize I’m biting my nails until its already done”

The pereived benefit is stress relief. It’s easy to blame no one or stress than it is to blame yourself.

Now you must ask yourself; what habit you are trying to be rid of? What does this habit get for you? What are other ways to get this benefit? Weigh your needs compared to the needs of others involved. Are they fair? Now ask yourself what you need to do to be rid of the habit. Now KNOW that all you need to do to change the habit is to stop. The power is within yourself. Now, do you need anything from anybody else to help you along? Maybe you need your signifigant other to smoke outside, or to not scream about nothing all the time. Is this fair? of course it is! Weigh your needs.

Light your white candle. Bring purity of heart mind and soul to this working. This must be what you truely want or it wont work.

Light your black candle. Bring protection and strenght to this working. You need strenght to see the truth of this habit and to be done with it. You need protection from yourself, and/or any negativity around you.

Light your green candle. Bring health of soul, mind, body to this working.

Meditate on all that you have discovered about yourself and your habit. See the benefits for what they really are. Decide right now not to do this habit any more.

See the change occure. Know that your habit is banished.

Durring the next complete cycle of the moon you will need to be diligent with yourself. This is when it will be easiest to laps back into your habit. Sleep with a quartz and tigers eye to help you sleep peacefully and give you strenght and protection durring your weakened time of shaking off a habit.

This spell is written by Willow Ajanadurys

Blessed Be.

Submitted by WillowAjanadurys.

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