The Pumpkin Separation Spell

Unfortunately, we all get into predicaments in which we feel trapped. This pumpkin spell has never failed us. You will need:

2 miniature pumpkins
A black felt tipped pen
1/8-teaspoon black pepper
1/8-teaspoon salt
14 tea candles

Seven days before Samhain, hollow out both pumpkins. Write your name on the bottom of one pumpkin and the situation (or person) you wish to be removed from on the bottom of the other pumpkin. Sprinkle the two peppers and salt in the bottom of the pumpkin of the other person or situation. Vent both pumpkins with a small-carved design (your choice). Set the tops of the pumpkins in an open plastic bag in you refrigerator. Set the two pumpkins three inches apart on a table where they will not be disturbed. Hold your hands over the pumpkins and say:

“Pumpkin light, Witches fright

Send (name the person situation or person) away this night.”

Keep repeating the charm until the palm of your hands become warm or tingle. Put a tea candle in each pumpkin and light them. (Don’t burn yourself) let burn for one hour. Do not leave unattended. Each evening change the candles, move the candle another inch apart, and repeat the charm. On Samhain Eve, repeat the spell at midnight. Let the candles burn until 3:00 A.M. Do not leave the candle unattended. Put out the candles. Close up the candles with their respective lids. Bury one pumpkin on one side of the river, creek, or railroad crossing (please do not go on the tracks). Bury the other pumpkin on the other side of the river, creek, or railroad crossing. If you can’t bury them throw them into a living body of water (not near each other). Do not throw the candles in the water. Throw them in a dumpster away from your house.

Note: If something strange happens with the pumpkins that would cut your spell short (like if the pumpkin collapses), don’t worry about it. This means that the spell has been activated and you don’t need to continue. Dispose of both pumpkins in the manner listed above. When my daughter does this spell, invariably one or the other pumpkins disintegrates in less than two days (which is why I warn you not to leave the little pumpkins unattended).

~ From “Halloween Spells, Customs and Recipes” by Silver RavenWolf

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