The New Moon (dark moon)

The new moon is the best time to cast spells for new beginnings and new projects. Its influence can also boost ambitions and careers. The new moon gives money spells and work spells the extra boost they need to work more effectively. When the dark moon is upon us its a good time for spending money and making plans for the future.

The Waxing Moon

This is the time between the new moon and the full moon. This is a good time for building up strength, expansion and growth. It is also a good time for preparing your magickal spells to be cast three days before the full moon as this is a very powerful time. The waxing moon is the period of time when witches look to empower themselves and concentrate on the more spiritual side of things. As we get closer to the full moon the witches powers get stronger and therefore leads us to a new level of awareness.

The Full Moon

At this time the witches magickal powers are at their peak especially at the bewitching hour of midnight. this is the best time for casting love spell to draw loving energies towards you (not on a specific person) as they will give good outcomes. the full moon is also a good time to give thanks to the Lord & Lady and gods & goddesses. You should however take note that there is a full moon for three days, the night before the full moon, the full moon and the night after. The second day is the most powerful as that is the true full moon and its peak.

The Waning Moon

The waning moon is the time when the cycle is going from the full to new moon. This is the most powerful time to cast spells to remove problems, protection and neutralizing adversaries. its also a good time for detoxing the body and dieting as its more effective and the results last longer.

Full Moon Wishing Spell

At night, when the moon is full go outside with a glass of juice. Look up at the moon and tell her exactly what you desire (do this in full detail and dont leave anything out). When you are done, lift you glass in toast to the moon and say:

Mother Goddess, look and see\r\nThis goblet that i offer Thee\r\nIt is Yours for all You do\r\nGracious One of silver hue

Pour the juice on the ground and know that your wish will be granted.

(By Author Dorothy Morrison)

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I also suggest that you research drawing down the moon. It is a vast subject that I couldnt cover on this web page but I would recommend To Ride A Silver Broomstick by Silver RavenWolf.